Paxos Festival


JOS Van Oost has driven over 150.000 km in 47 States of the USA in a 25 years old campervan named the GetAwayBy. He has been a globetrotter all his life and quite recently managed to fulfill a childhood dream; to drive through the USA.

During that trip he wrote more than 20 songs, road songs mainly, about encounters with guitarists and guitar makers, all of them fascinating and original people, who left a strong impression on him. Those meetings became a recurring theme.

Similarities between people all over the world are more than their differences, while the world is versatile and always changing. During his trip to the USA he performed in theaters and halls where Joni Mitchell, Tom Waits and John Martyn had once also played. He met Terence Hansen in one of those concert halls and they became friends and kindred spirits.

This friendship has resulted in many performances on both sides of the Atlantic, from Berlin to San Francisco and from Salt Lake City to Paris. He has recorded two CDs since last year with Terence Hansen.