Paxos Festival


Ross Daly’s trip in world music is mainly a personal trip through life. Born in England, he travelled with his Irish parents in many countries. During those trips his deep interest for music immerged. The cello was his first instrument; at the age of twelve he started learning the guitar in Japan.

During the end of the ‘60s he found himself in San Francisco. Having already experienced the discipline required in order to study classical music as well as the freedom spirit and experimentation of those times, he came in contact with the music tradition of the Orient for the first time, a fact that changed his life completely.

Virtuoso in many musical instruments, Ross Daly has performed together with many famous musicians all over the world working within the oriental music tradition discipline exploring at the same time new forms and creative improvisation techniques. He also plays Cretan Lyre, Afghan rabab, lute, Istanbul lyre, saranghi, saz, tabour and oud (type of lute).

Composer of a unique style of music, Ross Daly constructs his music compositions around fine colorizations and vital meeting points of different sounds and traditions that he has studied over the years.