Paxos Festival

Paxos Workshop Schedule Outline

Paxos Film Score Workshop

The Contemporary Composer in Film Music – Extended Instrumental Techniques beyond SFX

The Workshop is designed for Composers that are looking to enhance their knowledge and compositional skills in writing for Film. The participants will also have the opportunity to work closely with an Ensemble of internationally acclaimed musicians and extend their knowledge of new instrumental techniques and their use in Film Music. The seminars will cover both the creative aspects of writing for film as well as technical aspects and score preparation.

The assignment for each participant will be to create an original score for a short film of approximate duration 5 minutes.

The score will be performed live with the Film at the Paxos Music Festival 2017

Seminar Schedule

Day 1

Writing for film: The Spotting Session, Conception and Composition

Creating and Structuring a film score

Viewing of the short films that the participants will have to compose a score for. Each participant will receive through lottery draw 1 Film for which they will have to score the music for. The participants will have the chance to exchange the films drawn between them if they would like to.

Planning our time, common deadline issues.

Day 2

1-on-1 Lesson for each participant.

Discussion and development of ideas for their Film Score.

Scoring for Film: Conductors Stave Writing with timecode Synchronization of music and film

Step by step creation of a Template film score on Sibelius Scoring Software.

Preparing a click track for performance/recording on mainstream DAWs

Day 3

Working in a collaborative environment with other creatives.

Meeting with the ensemble

• Private sessions with each ensemble member

Common issues composing for each of the instruments, tips and suggestions by the performers.

Introduction to Extended Instrumental Techniques

• Use of Extended Techniques in a Creative way – Beyond SFX

Discussion on the composition for each film.

Day 4

MIDI Mockup Creation of realistic Mockup and its importance to your work

Further discussion on, how we present a work in progress to the director, producer and/or other creatives, before we get into the recording session.

1 -on- 1 Lesson for each participant. Discussion and development of ideas on the Score.

Day 5

Workshop with Ensemble Members on Material Created for each Film. Receiving feedback and time for re-adjustments.

Visiting Composer and Film Director. Discussion on producing a film score.

Day 6

1 -on- 1 Lesson for each participant. Monitoring progress and directions for completing the score.

Rehearsal with the Ensemble on Film

Day 7

Dress Rehearsal