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Official List of Cultural Organizations of the Ministry of Culture and Sports –  Registration Number: 6927


The non-profit association of the Friends of Paxos was created on Paxos in 2015 with the initiative of Faye Lychnou and Chris Boïcos.

The objective of the association is to initiate, encourage and organize cultural activities of every type on the island. FoP also aims to succeed Paxos Festival Trust in the production of Paxos Music Festival, offering the festival another perspective and a new breath of life.  FoP also plans to be able to collaborate extensively with associations and festivals in the Ionian Islands and in other parts of Greece.

The association also encourages and participates in projects concerning the island’s architectural, cultural and natural patrimony: at a time when public funds are limited in Greece, FOP encourages private initiative and funding of concrete projects.

Our first project, successfully completed in the summer of 2015, was the restoration of the bronze statue of Greek war of independence hero, George Anemoyiannis in Gaios. More projects like the restoration of fragile iconostases of Paxos’ historic 17th and 18th century churches (Agios Yiannis Pialouhes, Lambovitissa), the replanting of the yards of the old schools of Loggos and Lakka, the restoration of public spaces on the island like that of the Makris seafront park in Gaios, as well as the revival and signposting of the island’s footpaths network are being carried out or planned for the near future.

The association currently has 120 members from 14 different nationalities who contribute their talents, money and energy to the preservation and improvement of our beloved island.

Friends of Paxos founding members:

Faye Lychnou lives and works on the island of Paxos where she is involved in all social and cultural activities. She was the Director of the Poseidon Municipal Cultural Association from 2006 to 2012, Director of the Social Welfare Association of Paxos (KIP Library) since 2009 and founder of the Paxos Book Club.  She represents Paxos on the European Task Force Group of the Cultural Villages of Europe since 2004. She is a trustee of the Paxos Festival Trust and the local producer of the Paxos Music Festival since 2006. She is a founding member of the non-profit Society of the Friends of Paxos (2015) whose objective is to promote cultural and musical events on the island and militate for the preservation of the natural environment and architectural heritage of Paxos.

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Chris Boïcos belongs to one of the oldest Paxos families and is an art historian, university professor, lecturer on art and art dealer based in Paris, France and in Paxos. He has curated numerous gallery and institutional exhibitions of contemporary art in France, Great Britain, Greece and the United States. He is the founder and director of Chris Boïcos Fine Arts an art gallery based in Paris and in Paxos in the summertime. He is a founding member of the non-profit Society of the Friends of Paxos.

Chris Boïcos Fine Arts