Paxos Festival

Danae Vellianiti

Danae Vellianiti was born in Athens in 1988 and started dancing at the age of 6,5 at the Ballet School of the Municipality of Koridalos where she lived at the time. She then studied for nine years at the State Orchestral School of Art classical ballet (RAD and Vaganova) modern dance techniques like Release, Limon, Graham and Rhythmical (Orff-Dalcroze).
She continued her dance studies and at the same time studied agronomy at the Athens University. She graduated 5 years later and also received her Certificate in Ballet Teaching Studies from the London Royal Academy of Dance.
She continued her studies for three more years at the Harris Mantafounis Higher Professional Dance School from where she receives her Professor of Dance diploma.
She then went on to participate in various dance master classes, Modern Theater master classes and seminars of Body Percussion, Capoeira, Dance seminars for Handicapped people. She performed in Festivals all over Greece and in Athens theaters. She won prizes in various dance competitions from 2007 until 2017. She taught in Panos Metaxopoulos Dance school for two years.
In 2019 she returned to her home island, Paxos where she founded “Eorisis”, a Classical and Modern Dance School.