Paxos Festival

Efi Zaitidou

Efi Zaitidou was born in Athens. She started playing the piano at the age of 6. During her high school years she studied Byzantine and Ecclesiastical music.

During her studies at the Folk and Traditional Music Department of Arta, she came in touch with folk music of East Mediterranean and specialized in the canoon next to professors Apostolos Tsardakas and Panos Dimitrakopoulos. She graduated in 2006. Since 2004 she started focusing on Middle East and North African music and she became member of an arab classical music band called ‘AlMahabba’.

She is also member in bands like Chrysoulak. & Purpura, ‘André MaiaBand’, ‘Olìgon’, and the duet, ‘CuminBlue’ with which she has also recorded.

She is teaching in the music schools of Alimos, Pallini and Ilion.

She has cooperated with many renowned artists like Giannis Markopoulos, Stamatis Spanoudakis, Nikos Xidakis, Eleni Vitali, Eleni Peta, Areti Ketime, HaigYazdjian and many others