Paxos Festival

Gogo Xagara

Gogo Xagara is Head Harpist of the Athens State Orchestra since 2001. She studied harp in the State Conservatory of Thessaloniki and at the Atheneum Conservatory next to Maria Bildea. She received a state scholarship to continue her studies with Eira Lynn Jones t the Royal Northern College of Music in the UK. She is also a graduate of the Theater Department of the Thessaloniki Visual Arts University.

She worked for many years as head harpist and soloist with the Thessaloniki State Orchestra, the Thessaloniki Municipal Orchestra and with most of the symphonic orchestras in Greece.

She is member of the Duo Choriamvos with flutist Nikos Nikopoulos, performing in various towns in Greece and foreign festivals. They represented Greece in the the 2005 World Harp Conference in Dublin and 2008 they performed at the International Flute Symposium in England.

She also teaches at the Filippos Nakas conservatory.