Paxos Festival


When Thanasis Zikas and Evi Seitanidou started exchanging musical ideas in 2014, they were far from imagining the sonic identity they would reach a year later: instead of shaping an aesthetics marked by a deep interest in electronics, they found themselves, after all, in a universe of acoustic guitars and vocal harmonies, in which Greek musical tradition was intertwined with blues or rock influences. Kadinelia’s music is a bucolic imaginary, permeable to tsabounas (bagpipes) and lyres, beatboxing or psychedelic echoes, searching for the design of a sound landscape where (Near) East and West meet.

It often sounds as close to Appalachian music and British folk as it does to Anatolian psychedelia and Greek rebetika (a multicultural melting pot that mixes local sounds with Byzantine and Ottoman influences). Kadinelia present at Imaterial their travel music, where each stop seems to concentrate several places at the same time.

Thanasis Zikas: guitar, tsabouna, vocals
Evi Seitanidou: guitar, lyre, beatbox, vocals