Paxos Festival

Klara Stirner

Klara, born in 1993, is currently studying composition with maestro Andrea Portera in the Scuola di Musica di Fiesole, Firenze, Italy. In 2016 Klara finished her studies in classical violin at the Royal Academy in Stockholm.

With a strong foundation in the classical music she never hesitated to seek influences from other genres in her compositions. As a teenager in the music program in high school she also studied piano, conducting and jazz drums.

The will to compose erose early in the young teenage years when she was influenced by latin american music and bach. She made her composer’s debut at nineteen years old with the piece “The Sea” premiered by the professional symphony orchestra “Gävle Symphony Orchestra” in their concert hall in the city of Gävle.

The debut was a success and she received lovely critics from Swedish professional composers such as Mattias Lysell.

At the Royal Academy of Music in Stockholm Klara was commissioned to write music for the cultural department of Gothenburg to be premiered by the Swedish professional orchestra “Dalasinfoniettan”. During her studies in Stockholm Klara also wrote music for the young Swedish soloist, winner of the Nordic soloist price.

Her career in music is now moving towards composition and jazz performance. This spring Klara received the biggest scholarship from “The New School of Music”to continue her studies in jazz performance composition in Manhattan, New York.