Paxos Festival

Kyriakos Gouventas

Kyriakos was born in Thessaloniki in 1966 and started his music studies at the age of 12. He started his teaching career in 1989 in the Conservatory of Northern Greece and continued teaching in various Conservatories, music workshops and Music Departments becoming an expert in every music way and path one can meet in different Greek areas, rich with unique music cultures and traditions.

He has worked with most of the traditional music personas in Thessaloniki and the whole of Greece and has collaborated with traditional musicians all over the world for more than 25 years.

He has participated in more than 150 record albums, in dozens of tv shows, hundreds of concerts in Greece and abroad. He has been invited to teach and play as a soloist by the S.O.A.S. (School of Asian and Africal Music Studies) of the London University. Being considered an ideal representative of the Greek special expression of the Greek violin tradition he was invited to participate in the “Genious of the Violin” concert with many other world famous fiddlers and violinists.

He has also taught in the violin festival at the Ile de France in Paris as a soloist.

He has collaborated with some of the most important Greek composers, song writers and singers and has worked closely with two pillars of Greek traditional music, Domna Samiou and Chronis Aidonidis. He has also collaborated with most of the traditional musicians and performers in every geographical department of Greece.