Paxos Festival

Nikos Petsakos

Nikos Petsakos is a Greek musician living in Northern Ireland. He is the composer, with Martin Coyle, of the music inspired by Seamus Heaney’s ‘Sonnets from Hellas’ and with Elias Dendias, of the music inspired by Heaney’s translation of a poem by C.P. Cavafy. Nikos has been a professional music tutor for over 20 years, teaching traditional stringed instruments (played with a pick) including Greek bouzouki, mandolin, tzoura, baglama, Greek lute, guitar and banjo. He has taught at a number of conservatories, including at Argous, Ligourio and Arkadiko. In Ireland he has recently been involved with the Drake Music Project, helping adults and children with physical and learning difficulties compose and perform their own music using traditional instruments and technology. He has also played with the BEYOND SKIN refugee Orchestra and created, with Martin Coyle, DUOZOUK, a bouzouki combo teaching and performing Greek and Irish bouzouki. He created UNA FAZZIA UNA RAZZA,a duet performing music from Italy Greece and the wider Mediterranean region and since 2020 he has been co-writing music with Martin Coyle.