Paxos Festival

Nikos Ziaziaris

Nikos Ziaziaris is a Greek performer born in 1987.

He studied piano, harmony of music and monody. He has also attended acting and dancing lessons. He plays the accordion and the soprano recorder.

He has a variety of participations as a soloist in concerts, opera, operetta productions, in musicals and theater performances in Greece and abroad (China, Turkey, Germany, Cyprus, Italy, the Vatican).

He has cooperated with renowned Greek composers like Tsalahouris, Maramis, Ekonomou and great Greek directors like Marmarinos, Kakleas, Papakostandinou as well as choreographers S. Spiratou, Papadopoulos, Andriopoulou.

Στην όπερα έχει ερμηνεύσει τους ρόλους του κομπέρ-αφηγητή (Οι Στοιχειωμένοι, Δ.Μαραμής), Αινεία (Διδώ κι Αινείας, H.Purcell), του Πατέρα (Hansel und Gretel, E.Humperdinck), τoυ Φίγκαρο (Le nozze di Figaro, W.Z.Mozart) και του Ορέστη (La belle Helene, J.Offenbach). Έχει ερμηνεύσει τον ρόλο του Λόρδου Φάρκουαντ στο Shrek, the Musical και τον ρόλο του Τενόρου στο Masterclass του T.McNally.

He is member of the El Sistema Greece working as a conductor and choir teacher.

He has also worked as a music teacher in educational programs held by the British Council in Athens and UNICEF.

From October 2012 to December 2018 he conducted the phonetic ensemble “8tetto”.

Besides his career as an artist, he is also a Law School graduate.