Paxos Festival

Odysseas Papathanasiou Terzis

Music Studies

Conservatory of Athens
1. Diploma in Music Harmony (June 2016) with Honors (10\10)
2. General Compulsory Courses: Theory of Music, Harmony, Counterpoint, Solfege, History of Music, Morphology, Music Analysis, Teaching of Theory, Choir
3. Cello(ranked)

Philippos Nakas Concervatory
Piano –Grade 7 with Honors

Ilisia Tonic Conservatory
Electric Guitar Grade 7

University Studies

National And Kapodistrian University of Athens
B.A. Faculty of Primary Education (March 2014) with Honors (8.63 /10)

Psychiko Arsakeio High School
High-School Diploma (July 2009) with Honors (19.7/20)

Participation in the following professional CD recordings

1. «The Spirit of Athens» – Michalis Terzis, 2010, ARC Music :Piano
2. «Patrida Danismeni» -Michalis Terzis, 2012, Eleftheros Typos Newspaper: Electric Guitar
3. «Magic Of The Greek Bouzouki: Ionikos Cosmos» – Michalis Terzis, 2013, ARC Music: Acoustic Guitar , Percussion
4. «O Giros tou Thriamvou» – Michalis Terzis, 2015, Metronomos Magazine: Percussion
5. «Music of the Greek Islands» – Michalis Terzis, 2016, ARC Music: Piano
6. «Edo tha Meinoume»- Michalis Terzis, 2016, Newspaper Parapolitika Publications S.A.: Percussion

Five-year Contract for four original orchestral pieces with ARC Music (3rd September 2012-3rd September 2017)

Participation as a chorister in the modern Opera «Julius Ceasar’» by Ph.Tsalachouris –Athens Concert Hall (11- 12 March 2015 )

Permanent member of the «Music and Culture Assosiation Efterpi» choir (since 2011) participating in various events (Athens Concert Hall, Cultural centers etc)

Original pieces for Chamber Music presented at events for New Artists at Cultural Center of Filothei and in Arsakeia Schools

Military Service at Military Music Band of Ioannina and Athens as band member playing percussion instruments (snare drum, cymbals)

Experience in small bands at night clubs.

Member of The Association of Athens Football Club with two- year experience as linesman in B-Local League (2010-2012)

Member of Hellenic Mountaineering Association of Athens (since 2011)

Participation in Video Clip ( «Pos mporo na po S’ Agapo» – Chryspa, 2010, ΕΜΙ) as drummer

Employnment at Summer Camp Sports Village Athitaki

Frequent Participation in running races.

Fellowship by the State Scholarships Foundation (2009-2013)




Competency in English