Paxos Festival

Contemporary Music. Theoharis Papatrechas

June 25th

Contemporary Music

Theoharis Papatrechas,

the new Composer-in-Residence of the Paxos Festival introduces himself to us and

presents four of his most recent compositions

Musical Trio:

Michele Bianchini (saxophone)

Rebecca Lloyd-Jones (percussion)



  • grit (2019) for piano, pre-recorded sounds, livere-mastering of sound and movement of sound in aspace.
  • minute (2020) for amplified percussion and other objects.
  • yet so terribly afraid of its endlessness (2018) for tenor saxophone, pre-recorded sounds, live re-mastering of sound and movement of sound in aspace.
  • to be determined- (2020) for flute, tenor saxophone, percussion and piano

Currently being written especially for the Paxos Festival