Paxos Festival

«Exefexe i Anatoli» (Sunrise glowing)

Rebetiko and Folk Arpege

‘Harp in dialogue with Greek Traditional and Rebetiko music’
Much loved traditional folk songs and Rebetika transcribed by Thodoris Matoulas for 2 harps and voices.
First part includes 10 folk songs from different Greek rural areas while the second part includes 10 rebetika songs created between the 1930’s to the 1950’s.
Old melodies that remain raw and authentic step on the sound and harmonic richness of the classical harp to create a “liturgy” sometimes holy, sometimes quite irrespective…
An innovative music experience, that should not be missed!

Singers: Vasilis Agrokostas – Anatoli Maryiola

Harp Players: Gogo Xagara – Thodoris Matoulas