Paxos Festival

Guitar recital with M. Kontaxakis

Two works by Greek composers in a dialogue with some of the most popular compositions in the International Guitar Repertoir.

In the first part we will listen to the “Hadjidakis’ Suite” by Leonidas Kanaris right next to the emblematic Chaconne by J.S. Bach.

In the 2nd part Periklis Koukos’ guitar suite, based on the ballet –opera “A summer night’s dream” meets Villa-Lobos and Barrios, whose works are true landmarks to the mind of every guitarist.
Kanaris Suite is a tribute to the Greek composer, Manos Hadjdakis and it is based in melodies of 5 of Hadjidakis’s famous songs. It was written in November 2015 and it was premiered by Michalis Kontaxakis in February 2016 in a concert titled: “Manos Hadjdakis inspires” organized by The National Union of Greek Composers. The Suite is not a transcription of Hadjidakis songs but an original work depicting Hadjidakis style in relation to Kanaris’s music language.

Koukos’s Suite is the result of a cooperation between the composer and soloist Kontaxakis after an initiative idea of the Guitar Magazine TAR. It was originally recorded for the record production of TAR under the title: “Greek Guitarists interpret Greek Composers” in 2009. In its final form it was premiered by Michalis Kontaxakis in 2015.



Leonidas Kanaris: Hadjidakis Suite, op. 59


J.S. Bach Chaconne BWV 1004


——Interval —–

H. Villa-Lobo: Prelude 3 & 5


Periklis Koukos: Suite for Guitar *


Ι. Introduction (Allegrocantabile)
ΙΙ. Elves -Pouk (Adagio misterioso-Vivace)
ΙΙΙ. The Game (Andantepomposo)
IV. Spells – Lullaby (Allegromolto-Adagio)
V. The donkey’s song (Allegrettoironico)
VI. Wondering Mortal (Presto)

Agustín Barrios Mangoré La Catedral

I. Preludio Saudade

II. Andante Religioso

III. Allegro Solenne


*from the ballet-opera “Summer Night’s Dream”