Paxos Festival

the silent one – Experimental Music Theater

The work is based on a true story that took place in a poor mountain village of Southern Greece around 1850. The young heroine bride is put to death by her family after her husband discovers she is not a virgin on her wedding night. The original story is transposed to a timeless environment, in a Dante-like Limbo, a place for forgotten souls. In this space, the characters co-exist without, however, ever meeting each other, forced to confront their own memories, their rage, guilt, past loves and sorrows. By accepting responsibility for their past sins they are lead to penance and in the end, self-forgiveness.

From a musical and theatrical perspective “The Silent One” is connected to the ancient Greek traditions of lamentation. The characters mourn their fate and lament until they reach forgiveness and redemption.

Duration: 70’

Composition – Instruction: Dimitra Trypani

Poetic Text: Padelis Boukalas

Set Design: Katherine Wise

Lights Designer: Valentina Tamiolaki

Costumes Designer: Dimitris Grammatikoyannis

Fine Arts Associate –: Nikos Kokkalis

Sound – Lights Mechanic on Paxos: Spyros Mastoras


Milia, The Daughter: Sophia Ketentzian

Milia’s Mother: Aliki Siousti & Georgiana Filippaki

Brother 1 – Kyriakis: Adonis Vasiliadis

Brother 2 – Sotiris: Alexandros Psychramis

Brother 3 –Diakoumis: Giorgos Kassavetis

Brother 4 – Panagiotis: Rafael Kritoulis

Brother 5 – Konstantis, the youngest brother: Nikos Zaziaris

Father: Giorgos Nikopoulos & Vasilis Pelantakis

Tiresias, the Oracle and Harpe: Gogo Xagara

God Observer and Cello: Dimitris Travlos

Following the Paxos Festival premiere, the production will travel to Athens for a series of three performances on the Alternative Stage of the National Opera at the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center on 11, 12 and 13 October 2019.