Paxos Festival

Women in Music

Georgia Tryfona (soprano) – Sotiris Louizons (piano)

Song Recital with Works by Women Composers

Clara Schumann, one of the most distinguished pianists of the romantic period managed to change piano recital repertoire during the 61 years of her career. Fanny Mendelssohn, older sister of the famous composer, never managed to break free from her family’s refusal to allow her to perform in public, besides her incredible piano technique. Her songs performed chosen by Georgia, were published under her brother’s name. Mathilde Kralik, composed operas, symphonic works, concert music. Her songs with lyrics by ancient poet Sappho were recorded for the first time by Georgia in Germany under the hospice of Ars Augusta. Eva dell’Acqua’s song for voice and orchestra is her most well known work with numerous recordings and transcriptions. Pauline Viardot, daughter of Manuel Garcia, the renowned tenor and pedagogue, sister of famous Maria Malibran, built a wonderful carrier as composer and singer. Amy Beach was the first American composer of symphonic works and songs. Hilde Loewe-Flatter, composer of light opera and cabaret songs kept publishing her works under the pseudonym of Henry Love.

Corfiot soprano, Georgia Tryfona accompanied by pianist, Sotiris Louizos present a program with works of all the above mentioned composers, who were pioneers in a music world dominated by men.