Paxos Festival

Festival 2024 intro

38th Paxos Music Festival aims to become the link between different arts, different music styles, artists of different backgrounds on a platform of cooperation, tolerance and dialogue.
Important parts of Paxos Festival during the last years, Irish Wings 2024 and Austrian –Greek Music Summer 2024 highlight on improvisation and new innovative music creations in direct dialogue with music traditions of different peoples and unexpected encounters between artists of different ages, culture and education.

This year’s first visual arts event manifests a group artistic effort by 14 contemporary Greek painters to excite, inspire and move the art fans in relation to Love of Nature, of Animals, the need to protect our Planet.
Surprising encounters take place in the heart of 2024 summer with harps escorting much accompanying folk and rebetika songs on stage, the bandoneon discourses on stage with a classical guitar, works by composers of different nationalities and times are bridged thanks to the interpretation of father and daughter, Papamattheou – Matchcke; works by women composers are placed in the spotlight thanks to the tender performance of Georgia Tryfona, while “time stands still” in our September concerts, when medieval music meets contemporary works thanks to the imagination and technical skills of Greek, British, Spanish, Serbian and Austrian young musicians.

In September we will be honored to host journalist, researcher and writer, Margarita Pournara, who will present her recent book on ADRIAS, the legendary destroyer, where, Paxiot born Spyridon Mourikis, was then a sub chief mate and later climbed Navy Hierarchy to Vice Admiral and Chief of the Hellenic Naval Staff.

Final events for this summer’s festival are related to dance. A cellist meets a dancer on stage as part of the Austrian – Greek Music Summer Events in October. Just before that, we invite you to live the thrill of a Tango Argentino workshop to celebrate sincere communication, sharing, expression through body movement and uniqueness.

We are looking forward to seeing you there!

Chris Boicos
Faye Lychnou