Paxos Festival

Parallel Events 2020

Parallel Events

Guided Walks in the Footpaths of Paxos

The Footpaths of the Water

Nostalgic, nature, history and culture oriented walks in the footpaths of Paxos. During each walk we will be able to make stops at view points and interesting sights with an emphasis on cisterns (Greek, Venetian or English made), at wells and springs of Paxos.

Suggested dates: 15 & 29 May

12 & 26 June

10 & 31 July

28 August

11 & 25 September

9 & 23 October


The Sea, the Sea

Exhibition from June 27th to July 26th 2020

This retrospective exhibition brings together all the artists who have painted or photographed the sea who have been exhibited in Paxos in the last six years or who have had residencies on the island. Included are the well-known artists from the first “Irish Wings” festival of 2017: Barabara Allen, James Allen, Denise Ferran and Neal Greig. Many works in the exhibition have as subject the Paxos seacoast or have been inspired by the artist’s experience of Paxos.

Barbara Allen

James Allen

Gisèle Denemoustier

Denise Ferran

Neil Greig

Pavlos Habidis

Dimitiris Kintzios

David Loeb

Kevin Pirice

Elias Papanikolaou

Jorge Rodriguez de Rivera

Vivian van Blerk

Nicola Villa

Ceramics for the Modern Greek House

Exhibition from 1st to 30th August 2020

Ilias Christopoulos

Haroula Koropouli

Iosifina Kosma

Angeliki Papadopoulou

Angeliki Politi

Ifigenia Tsirou

Giorgos Vavatsis

Printing Exhibition

Dimitris Miliotis


Duration from: 15-31 July

Location: Old Customs House, Loggos

In cooperation with the Municipal Gallery of Corfu

Presentation of the book “The songs of Kerkyra” Corfu Press Publications by author and researcher Stephanos Poulimenos at the KIP Library, in Gaios (September 20th).

Conference on: “Biodiversity and Climate Change in the Ionian Islands” in cooperation with the Management Organization of the of Acheron- Kalamas – Corfu –Paxos areas, the Ionian Environment Foundation and the Volunteers of Paxos, at the KIP Library, Gaios (October 3rd).