Paxos Festival

Sessions of Tango Argentino

7-9 October

Tango is a dance for all ages. Its basic characteristic is the hugging, the touch and the dialogue between partners. The dancing dialogue of the couple starts with bodies coming closer, turning into a hug and then it evolves through dance steps. Tango Argentino does not have specific steps and styles. It is as unique as each and every one of us.

Ροζαλί Γουάνκα, χορεύτρια
Dance Teacher: Rosalie Wanka

We are happy to invite in two – hours sessions of Tango Argentino (morning and evening hours)

Levels: Beginners – Experienced

Group Sessions

Dance Teacher: Rosalie Wanka

Workshop venue and exact time to be announced closer to the time.

Please let us know of your interest and we will send you personalized information by email.

Tango party event to be organized at the end of Workshop 9/10 at a venue tbc.