Paxos Festival

Katherine Wise

During her childhood her family moved almost every 18 months so she was brought up in many different countries mainly in Asia and in particular Malaysia. It was a hugely influential time for her as a child and teenager, which guided her through the paths of visual creativity and art.

Familiar with packing up and re-locating to wherever necessary, living on the move gave her a predisposition to travel and a deep curiosity about humanity. At the same time, it produced a yearning to belong somewhere with an attachment to community and place.

After completing a BA Degree at West Surrey College of Art and Design, she studied for a Master of Fine Arts Degree in Sculpture at Southern Illinois University in the USA. She was much impressed by its fine program in metal-smithing and casting, as well as its strategic location, which made it an excellent meeting point for collaboration with sculptors nationwide. Over four hundred miles south of Chicago and north east of Memphis, she found herself at the southern end and eastern side of the deep mid-west where she spent three intensely focused years learning technique and articulating her work’s raison d’être.

Now living in Greece, she continues her exploration, experimenting with materials and ideas. She loves the settled community in which she has found herself, most of whom come from families who have lived in the same location for centuries. It is an inspiring place in which to create and a stimulating point on the planet from which to look both East and West.