Paxos Festival


Paxos Summer 2020

Dear friends,

Ongoing travel restrictions in Europe but also the impossibility of gathering crowds inside public venues have forced us to cancel the concerts, lectures and exhibitions planned for this summer in Paxos, including the Irish Wings IV programme organized by Kathryn Baird.

Friends of Paxos will concentrate instead this year on the following projects:

Planning for a future Paxos Center for the Arts at the Bogdanos olive press in Bogdanatika announced last summer.

Photography of the sixty-five Paxos churches for a documentary and historical publication directed by Alessandra Pace. Two New York Times photographers, Maria Mavropoulou and Eirini Vourloumi will be photographing the churches in June and the professional Italian photographers Marta Dell’Angelo and Guido Isolabella, who was part of the photography exhibition at Loggos last year, will be coming in July.

Cleaning and preservation of the traditional cisterns and the old water systems of the island, which were one of the themes of this summer’s cultural lectures and nature walks.

Clearing and further signposting of the Paxos traditional footpaths with the cooperation of the Paxos municipal authorities.

Needless to say the last three projects – the photography of the churches and the preservation of public cisterns and footpaths – require financial support, so we would be very grateful for your ongoing annual contributions which remain unchanged for 2020:

Basic membership fee: 40 € for individual and 60 € for a couple.

Friends of Paxos Donor: 100 € for individual and 150 € for a couple.

We hope that we will, despite current circumstances, have the pleasure of seeing many of you on the island in the course of the summer.

Please send us your news and keep well and safe!

Thank you for your support.

With our very best regards,

Faye Lychnou

Chris Boïcos

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The circular cistern of Agion Anargyron in Gaios.
A section of the iconostasis of Pantokratoras church in Makratika.
Photography by Marta dell’Angelo.