Paxos Festival


1st Panionian Cultural Conference

4 &5 March 2017, Lefkas – “Ionian Blue” Hotel

Paxos Music Festival and “Friends of Paxos” Non Profit Association were represented in the 1st Panionian Conference of the Cultural Associations of the Ionian Islands by Faye Lychnou. The conference took place in Lefkada during the weekend of 4 & 5 March 2017. More than 120 cultural associations from Corfu to Zakynthos participated, sharing their aspirations and common problems. Elected members of the Prefecture Council including the Ionian Islands Prefect, Theodoros Galiatsatos, the Chairman of the Prefecture Council, Christos Moraitis, Deputy Prefects of Corfu, Lefkas and Zakynthos, Parliament Member of Lefkas, the Mayor of Lefkas and other officials were present during the whole conference and offered positive input. We are looking forward to the next steps of this wonderful initiative.