Paxos Festival




Dimitra Trypani

26 & 27 April 2017, 8.30pm

Dimitris Mitropoulos Hall, Athens Megaron

“Edward’s Dream” attempts to depict the tempestuous situation of a man’s mind when every night he relives strenuous situations of the day that just went by, when he failed to react. Fragments of images, thoughts, visions mix within the fragile border of sleep and wake.

“Edward’s Dream” is loosely based on the character of Edward Hyde from the well known book by Robert Louis Stevenson “The strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde”, from the Chinese book I – Ching, borrowing elements from meditation techniques. Fragments of texts mingle and unite with images of wondering on the island of Paxos.

“Edward’s Dream” is a sound performance of 1 hour. It is written for a piano quintet in five parts during which soundscapes of quintet consisted of voice, harp and Tibetan bowls intertwine. Lighting plays an important role giving the feeling of a slowly moving canvas. The whole work aims to create an audiovisual parallel monologue on the duality of the human soul and on the necessity to sometimes embrace our “dark self”.

(One can follow the performance with eyes closed).

Idea – Composition: Dimitra Trypani


Nikos Kiriosoglou (piano)

Apollon Grammatikopoulos (violin)

Panagiotis Tziotis (violin)

Aggela Giannaki (viola)

Dimitris Travlos (cello)

On the phonetic soundscapes:

Gogo Xagara: harp – voice – percussion

Katerina Michopoulou: Percussion – Voice (NQR Ensemble)

Ismeny Papathanasiou: Percussion – Voice (NQR Ensemble)

Dimitra Papastavrou: Percussion – Voice (NQR Ensemble)

Dimitra Trypani: Percussion – Voice (NQR Ensemble)

Miranda Kaldi: Narration – Poetry Reciting

Lighting Design: Giorgos Nikopoulos

Sound: Filippos Theoharidis

The phonetic soundscapes collage is consisted by text fragments by the following authors: Alexandros Shinas, Faye Lychnou, Benjamin Péret, Gottfried Benn, Roland Barthes, James Joyce, Robert Louis Stevenson, Marcello D’ Orta, Maria Pashalidou, Anonymous (Narration of the Four Legged Animals).

The poem recited in the beginning of the performance is: “Auguries of Innocence” by William Blake.

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In collaboration with “FRIENDS OF PAXOS” Non Profit Association.